Antique Marble Mantle Clock

Item # 75    $150   USD

This vintage marble mantle clock is truly a unique piece of British police history.  The engraved metal plaque reads as follows:

       “This Clock with a Purse of Gold was Presented To                                        P.C. HENRY JOHN THORNDYCRAFT    By the residents of Garlinge Nr Margate as a mark of appreciation of the unflinching discharge of his duty in endeavouring to maintain order in the Villiage when he was overpowered and brutally assaulted.   The Presentation was made by the Chairman of the Cinque Ports Bench of Magistrates in open Court on 2nd March 1903”

I purchased this clock about 25 years ago from a collector in California.  Unfortunately, he did not pack it well for shipping and UPS seemed to go out of their way to handle the box roughly enough that it was literally mangled by the time it reached me.  Surprisingly the damage to the clock was minimal … the bottom skirt was broken in several pieces and a small chip of marble was missing from the top right corner of the roof.  I had the clock professionally restored and repaired by a clock craftsman.  Although it functioned fine mechanically after the restoration, the roof chip could not be replaced and the repaired breaks are evident.

Note about shipping … this is a very heavy object and will require special packing so be prepared to receive the shock of a probably very high shipping charge!  I cannot, in all clear conscience attempt to ship this outside the continental U.S.