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Watch Charley Bludgeon

Item # 16   $175    USD   SOLD

Bludgeon, “door-knob style”, 18″L when fully extended, 12 oz. Wt., “door-knob” ball joined to  grip with links of chain, very light tan wood, said to have been used by early “Watch Charley”,      pre-Victorian.  Very rare and so old that the wood has almost the consistency of being “petrified”.

850-DSCF9315 850-DSCF9316 850-DSCF9317


Met Police VC Truncheon

Item 11      $ 225

Truncheon, painted VC crown, cypher, and “MP” Metropolitan Police, within a red  cartouche on a black barrel,   hallmarked “Field, 233 Holborn” .

Note – this truncheon was, at some time in the distant past, broken or split length-wise and then carefully repaired.  Although the repair can be seen, the piece is still in remarkable condition considering its age and past use.

850-DSCF9286 850-DSCF9287 850-DSCF9288 850-DSCF9289