Watch Charley Bludgeon

Item # 16   $175    USD   SOLD

Bludgeon, “door-knob style”, 18″L when fully extended, 12 oz. Wt., “door-knob” ball joined to  grip with links of chain, very light tan wood, said to have been used by early “Watch Charley”,      pre-Victorian.  Very rare and so old that the wood has almost the consistency of being “petrified”.

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Truncheon Reference Book

Item 13     $250  SOLD

This is a rather rare reference book entitled, TRUNCHEONS – THEIR ROMANCE AND REALITY.  Authored by Erland Fenn Clark, published by Herbert Jenkins Ltd, 1935.   242 pages with photo illustrations.

I know this listing is pricey but I encourage you to go to and see what they are selling it for!


Watch Fob Police Award

Item #12   $250  USD

This sterling silver watch fob was presented to a PC as an award or prize.  One side reads, “Fire Brigade v Police 1899” and the reverse side read, “Won By P.C. Hansford”.  The chain measure approx 15 inches in length and I cannot attest whether it also is sterling silver.

WatchFob01_1 WatchFob01_2 WatchFob01-3

Met Police VC Truncheon

Item 11      $ 225

Truncheon, painted VC crown, cypher, and “MP” Metropolitan Police, within a red  cartouche on a black barrel,   hallmarked “Field, 233 Holborn” .

Note – this truncheon was, at some time in the distant past, broken or split length-wise and then carefully repaired.  Although the repair can be seen, the piece is still in remarkable condition considering its age and past use.

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Victorian Police “Bullseye” Dark Lantern

Item 10     $ 85  SOLD

Mitton writes in his book, The Policeman’s Lot, “These oil lamps throw out a considerable amount of heat and during the cold winter patrols must have been a source of some comfort to the old policemen!”

These lanterns were standard issue and in use from the late 1820’s up until the 1930’s when they were replaced with battery powered electric torches.

This is a three-stack chimney lantern and bears the Hiatt & Co. hallmark and a serial number which indicates it was most probably manufactured for a police force.

Lantern1 Lantern1b